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Warranty Policy


All frames are warrantied for one (1) year from purchase date. *Frames are warrantied against manufacturer’s defects and any breakage or damage caused by normal wear and tear. Simply return broken frame and/or pieces, and we will repair or replace as needed. Note: Lost or stolen frames are not covered under warranty.

Non-Adapt Lenses

If for any reason you cannot adapt to your multifocal lenses, bring them back within thirty (30) days of normal pickup and we will replace them one (1) time, at no charge, for equal or lesser value. Any upgrades or add-ons to the lenses will be an additional charge.

Anti-Reflective Coating

For a period of one (1) year from normal pickup, lenses that have an anti-reflective coating (ARC), will be warrantied against peeling or crazing. Lenses will be replaced with new Anti-Reflective with the same material, frame style, and prescription, at no charge.

Patient’s Own Frame

Patients must be advised, when using your own frame, we cannot accept responsibility or liability for breakage, damage, or loss to your frame during the insertion of your lenses. If your frame is damaged during this process, the patient is responsible for supplying a new frame, and we will provide you with new lenses at equal or lesser value.

Complimentary Adjustments, Replacements, or Repairs

Overtime, your glasses will get out of alignment. Please come by our Warner Robins eye care center any time, for the lifetime of your glasses, for a readjustment and cleaning. We also offer free screw and nose pad replacements!

Return Policy

Since your eyeglasses are custom-made for your prescription, there will be no refunds, and all deposits made will be forfeited once your order(s) have been processed by the lab.

  • Normal pickup is 14 business days from purchase. In some cases, this can be revised due to speed of service from our lab.
  • Frame and lens warranties are only warrantied against normal wear and tear and manufacturer’s defects. All warranties are void against super glue, pet chews, or driving over them.
  • Glasses made by your insurance company’s lab adhere to different guidelines. Please refer to your insurance manual for details.