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Our Staff

Our exceptional, friendly staff is our greatest asset. They are excited about what they do and they care personally about getting the best results for our patients.

Our receptionists will try to accommodate your busy schedule by finding appointments that suit your needs.


Lindsay ABOC

Lab Technician
.."I have been in the optical industry since 2007. I manage our finishing lab at the Russell Parkway office. I ensure quality and customer needs are put first when ordering and making eyeglasses. "...


Optical Technician
"I have been fascinated with eye wear since I was a child. When I started working in this Industry in 2012, I fell in love immediately. Being able to help patients pick out glasses that fit their personality while also helping give the gift of sight is an incredibly fulfilling...

Joyce LDO

"I have been a Licensed Optician for over 40 years, and I just love being able to help people see better and look better! There is no greater feeling than putting new glasses or contact lenses on someone and seeing their face light up!!"...


Front Desk
"I'm a goofball that loves my son, succulents, and eating all the snacks!!!"...


Optical Technician
"I am a happy go lucky person. I like gardening and old school music."...


Insurance Specialist
"I am thankful to be an employee in Brown's Eye Center. The owners, managers, and doctors are wonderful. All of the employees are great. I am happy working with everyone."...


Optical Technician
"Helping people see the world a little more clear, whether it be with glasses or contacts has become a passion of mine. Each person is different and deserves to feel confident and beautiful in how they see the world."...


Lab Technician
"Did you guys hear about the guy at the glasses shop? He fell into the lens grinder. Made a real spectacle of himself."...


Front Desk
I have been in the optical field for over 15 years. I love meeting new people and taking care of our patients. I am a native of Athens, GA with an incredible sense of humor....GO DAWGS!!!!"...


Optical Technician
"I am a born and raised Texan. In my spare time I like to learn about plants and American Sign Language. I have 4 cats, a German Shepherd, and a daughter who all keep me busy."...


Optometric Technician
"I have been an Optometric Technician for two years. I am currently enrolled at Middle Georgia State University furthering my education. I love spending time with my fur babies and watching Alabama football. ROLL TIDE!"...


“I am a licensed optician and have worked in the optical world for 12 years. I have 4 beautiful children and an amazing husband. I enjoy spending time with my family. The most amazing thing that I get to experience in my line of work is a child’s face when...


Optometric Technician
"I have worked in the optical field for 10 years. I have held numerous positions in this field, but I really found my niche when I became a technician. I enjoy the personal relationships I build with my patients. In my spare time I enjoy going to concerts and traveling...